Japanese Hunk Akanishi Jin Interview

Japanese Hunk Akanishi Jin Interview

here's the trans of that interview, sorry but i omitted some parts as it's really long and this were the parts that were more touching? haha douzo:

Now, people do still ask, " Why did you go overseas?". In everyone's eyes, it seems as if I had a very strong ambition to carve another career for myself, hence leaving Japan, studying overseas. But to me, it was just something very normal, wanting to study overseas and returning when it ended, just like that. Of course, the subject of studying overseas was something that I thought of by myself and I want to do it well and not halfheartedly. Hence, there's a big difference between my view and the view of the surrounding people, how did the issue of studying overseas caused so much chaos, I still find it weird and unbelievable.

As an artiste, there are certain structures that the entertainment industry has set; doing this would be better, doing that would not be good. Though I understand all these, but I myself still cannot force myself to like it. For example, dating with a girl, is it better to hide it? But, liking someone, dating her, I feel is something very natural, I simply do not understand the need to hide it. But to change such a structure, I know it's not easy (laughs). Hence, I just want to do things on my own pace, freely, carrying my responsibilities, living my life the way I want.

In Japan, majority of the people place work as their number one priority, family and private time and space are placed second, even if it's their personal time, they'll sacrifice it for work. Of course, everyone has different things that they value, I'm not disagreeing or looking down on that lifestyle, but I hope I don't become like that. Compared to my work, I would prefer to treasure my private space more, my feelings towards these is very strong. I don't live for my work but to have a beautiful life, that is why I work.

About my future aims, I just hope to be able to be a normal father, that's enough (laughs). If my wife would want to work, that's of course fine by me, but protecting and treasuring the important family is the number one priority.

Because, I like dancing and singing, being able to do what I like as my work, I feel it's something incredible. But that's also because there're people who appreciate me. For that, I'm very thankful, therefore, to be able to bring everyone happiness has also become something that I like. Hence from now on, I'll never change, no matter when and what happens, if I can express what I truly feel, that's good enough.

wheeeee, i'm done, hope u guys like the interview as much as I did. night people.

akanishi jin
akanishi jin
akanishi jin
akanishi jin



January 21, 2009 at 1:39 AM

Thanks for posting. I understand even more why he's my favorite in KAT-TUN.


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