Jap Singing Sensations Kat-Tun tops charts with Superfly

Charts: KAT-TUN, Superfly

Last week, NEWS had the #1 single with "SUMMER TIME," extending their streak of chart-topping singles to 9. This week, they were ousted by fellow Johnny's group KAT-TUN, who had their 7th consecutive #1 with "DON'T U EVER STOP." It sold close to 382,000 copies, giving it the biggest opening week of 2008 (previously set by KAT-TUN's "LIPS" in February).

Other entrants into the top 10 were Buono! at #4, Suga Shikao at #5, Ayaka at #6, and Kiyoharu at #9.

On the album charts, the self-titled debut album of Superfly (now a solo project) took the top spot with 123,000 copies sold. At #2 was actor Yutaka Mizutani with a self-cover collection titled "TIME CAPSULE," his first studio album in 22 years.

Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi also made the charts (at #5), as did indie rock group The Band Apart (#7).

Wed, May 21, 2008 (2:41am EDT)

yatta! KAT-TUN at #1..

im so proud of them..

they are really soaring high..

they have the best songs in JE.. thumbsup.gif

i read that the LE of their album(DUES) was out of stock so it affected the album sales....

er 26 vs 7 for kattun and 9 for news
how would they beat this
kinki kids is still in the business and they still comes out with a single every now and them
although not as fast as anyone else
but they are still in there

but i do wish all the band the best that they can

ganbatte for all

then again
i do wish kinki kids will come out with a new song already
i miss them